Start Trading Gold with IBT:
One of the main advantages of trading spot gold is that you can short sell, which means that you can benefit from a falling market.
You buy (go long) if you think prices will rise and you sell (go short) if you think they will fall.
Another great advantage of spot trading is leverage.
Unlike the bullion market, traders can enter the gold futures market with a relatively small capital thanks to margin trading opportunities provided by brokerage firms.
Also, when trading gold, you benefit from a greater liquidity which in turn provides accurate real-time prices.
Spot Silver Trading
Experienced traders and speculators know better and are quietly getting their hands on the silver trading market.
Indeed, as one of the most volatile major commodities, silver is becoming increasingly popular with all types of traders.
With IBT, you too can become a savvy trader and take advantage of a thriving market.
Through its user-friendly and sophisticated trading system, IBT gives you the opportunity to buy and sell silver spot contracts at very tight spreads.
You also have access to a complete of trading tools to make informed decisions.
Trading silver spot as opposed to physical silver is a relatively new opportunity in the world of financial investment and has extraordinary potential, so take advantage of it with IBT.
Start Trading Silver with IBT
Take advantage of those unique qualities with a world leader in online silver spot trading. IBT provides you with full support and all the tools you need to make wise decisions concerning silver.
Via our state-of-the-art trading platform, you can trade silver as well as gold and other commodities and track your position in the easiest way.
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