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Segregate Customer Funds account
IBT Financial Services Ltd ("IBT") is required to maintain its customers' funds and margin deposits in bank accounts which are totally separate from IBT own. Client funds can be used only for the purposes the customers intended and can at no time be commingled with the firm's funds or the funds of the firm's principals.
All IBT customer funds received are fully segregated in accordance with International Financial Services Authorities Rules and Regulations . Client funds held with IBT Financial Services Ltd are maintained in segregate Customer Funds account and will never be utilized for operating expenses. Funds are withdrawn from these bank accounts only as a direct result of clients' trading activities or clients' request for withdrawal.
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Deposit of funds: the separation of the client's account *

Can not be used without his money and for his own purpose *

Can not withdraw money this topic only at the request of the client *

To convert your money you can use Ext bank Bank wire transfer or credit card / Alchridt Card *

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