Windows 7 Recovery Disc 1.0

اول اصدار من اسطوانة الصيانة الخاصة بويندوز 7 والتى تغنيك عن الفورمات فى حالة انهيار النظام

يمكن للنظام استعادة كافة وظائفة من جديد

خيار command line حتى لو كان النظام يرفض الاقلاع

اضافة الى خيار اعادة تنظيم لائحة انظمة الاقلاع ان كنت نصبت اكثر من نظام و ايضا اختبار الرام

الاسطوانة على شكل ملف ايزو يتم حرقة على cd

Live CD boot disk to restore functionality of the operating system Windows 7. This emergency recovery disk allows you to access the full restoration Cent OS.

Windows 7 Recovery Disc provides access to the command line, you can restore the operating system from a previously saved restore point, even if the computer does not boot. In addition, with this disc, you can change the Startup list and test the RAM on your computer errors. The disc is distributed in the form of ISO-image, which after downloading you need to record the optical CD / DVD. Created in advance and recorded on a physical CD / DVD media disc will avoid in the future many of the problems associated with the normal functioning of the operating system Windows 7.

Note: The disk can not install a new operating system, it only can restore already installed on your computer, but not working for some reason the system.

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